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Appointment Letters Bolg Post

Introduction to Appointment Letters


In terms of the occupational health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 and its regulations, certain employees must be appointed in writing for assigning occupational responsibilities.

It is vital that a company has the correct legal appointment to form part of the health and safety committee and keep the workplace and environment safe.

In terms of the (ISO) International Standards organization, any assignment of responsibility to a specific employee should be done in writing. An Appointment Letter is a legally binding document that confirms that an organization has offered a position to an employee and they have accepted the terms and agreement.

Appointment letters provide proof of accountability in the case of the court of law.


  • Appointment letters should state the legal reference to the OHSAct and its regulations and must be adhere to.
  • Appointment letters should clearly state duties and responsibilities
  • Appointment letters give credibility and authority to responsibility and duty of the appointer person
  • Appointment letters shout state and identify appropriate training for position that is being appointment.
  • Appointment letters ensure the appointer person can prove acceptance of responsibilities from occupational activities.
  • Appointment letters gives a sense of acceptance of their occupation

Appointment letters should net be taking lightly as a means of providing compliance.

There must be proof of training, capability, responsibility, duties and qualifications for the person being appointed

Here is an example picture of how an appointment letter should look.


Appointment Letter example Picture
Appointment Letter example Picture

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