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What is a OHS Management System?

An Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHS System) is a systematic approach put in place by an employer to minimize the risk of injury and illness. It involves identifying, assessing, and controlling risks to workers in all workplace operations. An effective OHS System is a key component of any business; its scope and complexity will vary according to the type of workplace and the nature of its operations. For both development and implementation of an OHS System to be successful, effective, and efficient, it needs to be based on a formal structure of defined elements. A successful OHS System includes but is not limited to the following elements:

1. Establish Legal Requirements
2. Set Goals and Objectives
3. Perform Risk Management
4. Develop Safety Procedures
5. Provide Training
6. Delegate Duties
7. Perform Inspections
8. Monitor Incidents
9. Perform System Audits

Why is a OHS System important?

Establishing a system for something like employee health and safety helps increase systems efficiency, helps save money, and contributes to the minimization of errors (and in this case – accidents).

A OHS system is therefore essential for ensuring the well-being of every person present in the workplace.

The job of a safety management system is to set out a way to proactively and effectively:

  • Identify safety risks and hazards
  • Prevent workplace health and safety incidents
  • Respond to such incidents
  • Report and document such incidents
  • Prevent future incidents from happening

A safety management system is also important from a legal perspective. Companies are required by law to maintain certain standards of health and safety in the workplace. It is the duty of the Department of Labour to inspect workplaces and to penalize, restrict the operations of, or even issue court orders to, companies who do not comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations

How can Griffin occupational health an d safety solutions Assist?

Griffin occupational health and safety solutions OHS Management Services can assist their clients with the development of a Health and Safety Management System based on the industry and available resources.

Griffin occupational health and safety solutions will:

  1. Identify the legal requirements associated with the industry and organisation.
  2. Identify client requirements.
  3. Identify available resources which will have an impact on the implementation of the OHS System.
  4. Develop the OHS System based on the identified requirements and resources.
  5. Assist the client with the implementation of the OHS System.
  6. Monitor and review the OHS System.
  7. Amend and adapt the OHS System as required by client requirements and available resources.