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A Complete Office Safety File Template

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A Complete OFFICE Safety File Template for you to download and instantly use and modify for your office work activities

Documents are soft copy and in either Microsoft Word or Excel formats. Once payment is complete you will be redirected to instantly download the files you purchased.

INDEX of Office Safety File Template

  1. Appointment Letters
1.1 Legal Appointments
1.1.1 Assistant to the CEO
1.1.2 Evacuation Officer
1.1.3 First Aider
1.1.4 Health and Safety Committee Member
1.1.5 Health and Safety Representative
1.1.6 Incident Investigator
1.1.7 Risk Assessor
1.1.8 She Committee Member of Chairperson
1.2 Other Office Appointments
1.2.1 Environmental Coordinator
1.2.2 Ergonomic Risk Assessor
1.2.3 Facilities Coordinator
1.2.4 Fire Fighter and Inspector
1.2.5 Hygiene Inspector
  1. Health and Safety Programmes
2.1 OHS Office Health and Safety Plan
2.2 Business Continuity
2.3 Drug and Alcohol
2.4 Emergency Management Plan
2.5 Housekeeping
2.6 Risk Assessment
2.7 Smoking
2.8 Stacking and Storing
2.9 Toolbox Talks
2.10 Waste Management
  1. Policies
3.1 SHE OHS Policy
3.2 Business Continuity Policy
3.3 Drug and Alcohol Policy
3.4 Emergency Management Policy
3.5 Housekeeping Policy
3.6 Risk Policy
3.7 Smoking Policy
3.8 Stacking and Storing Policy
3.9 Waste Management Policy
3.10 Environmental Policy
3.11 Incident Management Policy
  1. Office Organogram
4.1 Insert company detailed organogram (optional)
4.2 Organogram
  1. Company Supporting Documentation
5.1 Insert Company Profile (optional)
5.2 Insert letter of good standing
5.3 Insert workers ID's
5.4 Insert chemical used MSDS's (if use (optional)
5.5 Insert Medical Records (if use (optional)
  1. Induction and Toolbox Talks
6.1 Office Safety Toolbox Talks and Induction with Register
6.2 Company Safety Rules induction with Register
6.3 Commandments for Safety Induction with Register
  1. Incident & Accidents Management
7.1 Reporting Injury Procedure
7.2 Incident Register
7.3 Statement Form
7.4 Daily First Aid Treatment Register
7.5 Monthly First Aid Equipment Register
7.6 Name List of First Aiders and Safety Reps
Form - COID - W.Cl.1 - Employers Report of an Occupational Disease
Form - COID - W.Cl.2 - Employers Report of an Accident
Form - COID - W.Cl.6 - Resumption Report
  1. Emergency and Fire
8.1 Emergency
8.1.1. Insert building Emergency Route and assemble points
8.1.2 Emergency Evacuation Procedure
8.1.3 Emergency Telephone Numbers
8.2 Fire
8.2.1 In Case of Fire or Other Emergency
8.2.2 Fire Drill After Event Observation
  1. Training
9.1 Record of Training of Office Appointed structure
9.2 Insert Training certificates
  1. Checklists and Inspections
10.1 Checklists
10.1.1 Ergonomics Checklist
10.1.2 Housekeeping Checklist
10.1.3 Workplace OHS Inspection Checklist
10.1.4 Fire Extinguisher Equipment Checklist
10.2 Inspections
10.2.1 General Business Continuity Emergency Management Evacuation Coordinator Fire Equipment Housekeeping Hygiene Lighting Personal Protective Equipment Safety Signs Ventilation Waste Management
10.2.2 Daily Ablution (cleaning) Daily Housekeeping Inspection Daily PPE Daily Rep Spotters Daily
10.2.3 Weekly Cleaners Equipment Weekly
10.2.4 Monthly Fire Fighting Equipment Monthly First Aid Box Monthly Kitchen and Canteen Monthly
10.2.5 Quarterly Stacking Quarterly
  1. Registers
11.1 Stacking and Storage Monthly Register
11.2 Personal Protective Equipment on Hand & Issued Register
11.3 Fire Fighting Equipment Monthly Register
11.4 Visitor Access Control Register
  1. Safety Meetings
12.1 Standard Safety Meeting Minutes
12.2 Standard Safety Register
12.3 Meeting Report
  1. Internal Surveys
13.1 Ergonomic Survey
13.2 Notice and Symbolic Signs Survey
  1. Risk Assessments
14.1 Office Baseline Risk Assessment
  1. Safe Working Procedures
15.1 Computer Workstation SWP
15.2 Door Safety SWP
15.3 Electrical Office Safety SWP
15.4 Ergonomics Video Display Terminals SWP
15.5 Fan Safety SWP
15.6 File Cabinet Safety SWP
15.7 Fire in office SWP
15.8 First Aid SWP
15.9 General Chemicals SWP
15.10 General Rules in Office SWP
15.11 Housekeeping SWP
15.12 Manual Handling of office equipment SWP
15.13 Moving of Office Furniture SWP
15.14 Office Environment – Welfare & Storage SWP
15.15 Paper Cutter shredder SWP
15.16 Photocopies paper SWP
15.17 Safe Keyboard Use SWP
15.18 Sharp Objects SWP
15.19 Stacking and Storage SWP
15.20 Stair Safety SWP
15.21 Stapler Safety SWP
15.22 Unloading of Vehicles SWP
15.23 Waste Materials SWP
15.24 Working Alone SWP
  1. Complete Covid-19 Documentation Kit
OHS Covid-19 Notice
OHS-CVD-A1-001 COVID-19 Programme
OHS-CVD-A1-002 COVID-19 Policy
OHS-CVD-A1-003 (C) COVID-19 Risk Assessment Report
OHS-CVD-A1-003 (D) COVID-19 Risk Assessment
OHS-CVD-A1-004 COVID-19 Risk Assessment Checklist
OHS-CVD-A1-005 COVID-19 Training Awareness
OHS-CVD-A1-006 COVID-19 Access Control
OHS-CVD-A1-007 COVID-19 Housekeeping and Sanitizing Schedule
OHS-CVD-A1-008 COVID-19 Induction
OHS-CVD-A1-009 COVID-19 Health Programme
OHS-CVD-A1-010 COVID-19 Coordinator Appointment
OHS-CVD-A1-011 COVID-19 Daily Self Checklist
OHS-CVD-A1-012 COVID-19 Coordinator Daily Compliance Checklist
OHS-CVD-A1-013 COVID-19 PPE Issue
OHS-CVD-A1-014 COVID-19 PPE Disposal
OHS-CVD-A1-015 COVID-19 Checklist
OHS-CVD-A1-016 COVID-19 Return to Work Policy
OHS-CVD-A1-017 COVID-19 Screening Visitors
OHS-CVD-A1-018 COVID-19 Workplace Plan
OHS-CVD-A1-019 COVID-19 Employee sign in checklist
OHS-CVD-A1-020 COVID-19 Company Vehicles
OHS-CVD-A1-021 COVID-19 Checklist employer responsibilities
OHS-CVD-A1-022 COVID-19 Access control register
OHS-CVD-A1-025 COVID-19 Safe Working Procedure; Method Statement
OHS-CVD-A1-026 COVID-19 Project Specific Plan
  1. OHS Act and Regulations (free)
Environ Reg for Workplaces, 1987
Ergonomics regulation 2019
Facilities Regulations 2004
General Administrative Regulations, 2003
General Safety Regulations; 1986
Occupational Health and Safety Act
  1. OFFICE Complaint Letter
18.1 Complaint Letter

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