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Induction and ToolBox Talks

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Induction and ToolBox Talks

A toolbox talk covers special topics on safety aspects related to the specific job. Meetings are normally short in duration and cover topics such as workplace hazards and safe work practices.

  • SHE IND A01 7 Common Accident Causes
  • SHE IND A02 Employee Site Safety Induction
  • SHE IND A03 General Safety – Personal Points Induction
  • SHE IND A04 10 Commandments for Safety
  • SHE IND A05 New Employee on the Job Induction
  • SHE IND A06 Multi ToolBox Talks
    • advise to supervisors
    • construction site basic safety check list
    • good housekeeping
    • general duties of employees
    • advise to employees
    • personal points
    • working dress
    • fire
    • manual handling
    • hand tools
    • eye protection
    • step ladders
    • safety use of ladders
    • scaffold
    • working on scaffolding
    • electricity
    • portable electric tools
    • cartridge hammer or rivet guns
    • abrasive wheels
    • dumper drivers
    • rough terrain fork lift operators
    • excavation work
    • excavation operators
    • banksmen / slingers
    • slings
    • chains
    • shackles
    • hook and eye bolts
    • goods hoist operators
    • mobile crane operators
    • compressed gas cylinders
    • working with compressed air tools
    • check list for safe use of chemicals on site
  • SHE IND A07 Induction Cards
  • SHE IND A08 ToolBox Talks Attendance List
  • SHE IND A09 ToolBox Talks Discussion Record
  • SHE IND A10 Toolbox Talks Blasting
  • SHE IND A11 Toolbox Talks Batch Plant
  • SHE IND A12 Toolbox Talks Batch Plant with Register
  • SHE IND A13 Toolbox Talks Batch Plant Erection and Dismantling with Register
  • SHE IND A14 Toolbox Talks Confined Space Entry
  • SHE IND A15 Toolbox Talks Safe Use of Ladders with Register
  • SHE IND A16 Toolbox Talks Demolition and Excavation with Register
  • SHE IND A17 Toolbox Talks Jack Hammer Operations with Register
  • SHE IND A18 Toolbox Talks Portable Electrical Tools with Register
  • SHE IND A19 Toolbox Talks Cutting Torch with Register
  • SHE IND A20 Toolbox Talks Gas Welding and Cutting with Register
  • SHE IND A21 Toolbox Talks Housekeeping with Register
  • SHE IND A22 Toolbox Talks Premises and Housekeeping with Register
  • SHE IND A23 Toolbox Talks Elevated Positions with Register
  • SHE IND A24 Toolbox Talks Falling Objects with Register
  • SHE IND A25 Plant Operator Safety Induction
  • SHE IND A26 Toolbox Talks Overtaking
  • SHE IND A27 Toolbox Talks Passengers and Load
  • SHE IND A28 Toolbox Talks Earthmoving Equipment – Dangers
  • SHE IND A29 Toolbox Talks Excavator , TLB Operators
  • SHE IND A30 Toolbox Talks Use Of Compressed Air
  • SHE IND A31 Toolbox Talks Compactor Operators
  • SHE IND A32 Toolbox Talks Crane Truck Operators
  • SHE IND A33 Toolbox Talks Mancage Cradle with Register
  • SHE IND A34 Toolbox Talks Excavation
  • SHE IND A35 Toolbox Talks Flame Cutting and Welding
  • SHE IND A36 Toolbox Talks Hand Tools
  • SHE IND A37 Toolbox Talks Portable Electrical tools
  • SHE IND A38 Toolbox Talks Heat Stress
  • SHE IND A39 Toolbox Talks Breakers and Chisels
  • SHE IND A40 Toolbox Talks Handling of Concrete Buckets
  • SHE IND A41 Toolbox Talks Elevated Positions
  • SHE IND A42 Toolbox Talks Evacuation
  • SHE IND A43 Toolbox Talks Classification of Fires
  • SHE IND A44 Toolbox Talks Causes of Fires
  • SHE IND A45 Toolbox Talks Discover of a Fires
  • SHE IND A46 Toolbox Talks Flagmen Safety
  • SHE IND A47 Toolbox Talks Hazardous Waste
  • SHE IND A48 Toolbox Talks Medical Waste
  • SHE IND A49 Toolbox Talks Mertal Working Machines
  • SHE IND A50 Toolbox Talks Passengers and Load
  • SHE IND A51 Toolbox Talks Fall Arrest Equipment Harness

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    Excellent documentation.

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