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Safe Operating Procedures and Method Statement Kit

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Introducing our comprehensive Safe Operating Procedures and Method Statement Kit, your one-stop solution for enhancing workplace safety and efficiency. This kit is designed to streamline your company’s safety protocols, providing ready-made templates for a wide range of tasks and operations, ensuring a safer work environment for your team.

Key Features:

  1. Extensive Task Coverage: Our kit includes a vast collection of pre-prepared documents for a diverse set of tasks, covering everything from equipment operation to hazardous material handling. You’ll find documents for each task you need, all conveniently organized for easy access.
  2. Microsoft Word Format: Each document is provided in Microsoft Word format, ensuring compatibility with your existing software and making it effortless to customize them to your specific needs.
  3. Instant Download: Upon completing your purchase, you’ll gain instant access to download your selected files, saving you valuable time and enabling you to put these resources to use right away.
  4. User-Friendly: These templates are designed with simplicity in mind. Just add your company’s header, logo, and any specific specifications you require to align the documents with your business’s unique requirements.
  5. Enhanced Safety: By utilizing these templates, you’re taking a proactive step toward enhancing safety within your organization. You can be confident that your team is equipped with well-structured, easy-to-follow procedures.
  6. Cost-Efficient: Creating comprehensive safety documents from scratch can be time-consuming and costly. Our kit eliminates the need for extensive resources dedicated to safety protocol development.
  7. Regulatory Compliance: These templates are built in accordance with industry best practices and relevant regulations, helping your company stay compliant and avoid potential legal issues.


  1. OHS-SOP-A01 Acetylene
  2. OHS-SOP-A02 Air Brake Adjustment
  3. OHS-SOP-A03 Air Compressor
  4. OHS-SOP-A04 Backfill From Top of a Bank Soil
  5. OHS-SOP-A05 Backing Up Vehicle Use
  6. OHS-SOP-A06 Band Saw
  7. OHS-SOP-A07 Barricading
  8. OHS-SOP-A08 Basic Office Safety
  9. OHS-SOP-A09 Bench or Floor Drill Press
  10. OHS-SOP-A10 Blinding isolating or blocking
  11. OHS-SOP-A11 Boosting Batteries- Jump Start
  12. OHS-SOP-A12 CAT Operator
  13. OHS-SOP-A13 Catch Basin Installation
  14. OHS-SOP-A14 Chain Saw Bar Maintenance
  15. OHS-SOP-A15 Chain Saw Operation
  16. OHS-SOP-A16 Change or Replace Screens
  17. OHS-SOP-A17 Changing Auger Teeth
  18. OHS-SOP-A18 Changing Bucket Teeth
  19. OHS-SOP-A19 Changing Equipment Blades
  20. OHS-SOP-A20 Changing Oxygen or Acetylene Tanks
  21. OHS-SOP-A21 Changing Rear Tire
  22. OHS-SOP-A22 Changing Tire
  23. OHS-SOP-A23 Cold Start Equipment
  24. OHS-SOP-A24 Computer Use
  25. OHS-SOP-A25 Concrete Pipe Handling Installation
  26. OHS-SOP-A26 Confined Entry Accident
  27. OHS-SOP-A27 Confined Space Entry
  28. OHS-SOP-A28 Confined Space Laborer
  29. OHS-SOP-A29 Construction Labourers
  30. OHS-SOP-A30 Conveyor Cleaning and Maintenance
  31. OHS-SOP-A31 Conveyor Operation
  32. OHS-SOP-A32 Crawler Loader
  33. OHS-SOP-A33 Crusher General Safety
  34. OHS-SOP-A34 Crusher Lock Out
  35. OHS-SOP-A35 Cutting Torch
  36. OHS-SOP-A36 Demolition – General Guidelines
  37. OHS-SOP-A37 Dismounting Tires
  38. OHS-SOP-A38 Disposal and Transporting Flammable Liquids
  39. OHS-SOP-A39 Electrical Equipment
  40. OHS-SOP-A40 Emergency Response
  41. OHS-SOP-A41 Equipment Daily Maintenance
  42. OHS-SOP-A42 Equipment Lock Out
  43. OHS-SOP-A43 Equipment Washing Start
  44. OHS-SOP-A44 Evacuation
  45. OHS-SOP-A45 Excavator Demolition
  46. OHS-SOP-A46 Excavator
  47. OHS-SOP-A47 Extension Cords
  48. OHS-SOP-A48 Extension Ladder Climbing
  49. OHS-SOP-A49 Extension Ladder Inspection
  50. OHS-SOP-A50 Extension Ladder Set Up
  51. OHS-SOP-A51 Extinguishing Flame and Dismantling Oxy Acetylene Equipment
  52. OHS-SOP-A52 Fall Arrest Systems
  53. OHS-SOP-A53 Fire Alarm
  54. OHS-SOP-A54 Fire Extinguisher Use
  55. OHS-SOP-A55 Fire Fighting
  56. OHS-SOP-A56 Fire On The Work Site
  57. OHS-SOP-A57 First Aid Injuries
  58. OHS-SOP-A58 Fixed Ladders Inspection
  59. OHS-SOP-A59 Flag Person
  60. OHS-SOP-A60 Floor Jack
  61. OHS-SOP-A61 Forklift Operator – Unload from a semi-trailer
  62. OHS-SOP-A62 Fuelling Vehicles
  63. OHS-SOP-A63 Function of Management
  64. OHS-SOP-A64 General shop equipment
  65. OHS-SOP-A65 Grader Operator
  66. OHS-SOP-A66 Gravel Checker
  67. OHS-SOP-A67 Greasing a Vehicle
  68. OHS-SOP-A68 Hammers & Bars
  69. OHS-SOP-A69 Hand Held Pipe Cutting
  70. OHS-SOP-A70 Handling Diesel Fuel
  71. OHS-SOP-A71 Handling Gasoline
  72. OHS-SOP-A72 Oil Handling
  73. OHS-SOP-A73 Handling Propane
  74. OHS-SOP-A74 Handling and Storage of Batteries
  75. OHS-SOP-A75 Hauling Granular in Truck
  76. OHS-SOP-A76 Heavy Equipment Operators
  77. OHS-SOP-A77 Hoisting
  78. OHS-SOP-A78 Hot Asphalt Oil Handling
  79. OHS-SOP-A79 Hot Engine Stopping
  80. OHS-SOP-A80 Housekeeping
  81. OHS-SOP-A81 Hydraulic Backhoe Operator
  82. OHS-SOP-A82 Hydrovac Excavation
  83. OHS-SOP-A83 Impact Crusher Operation
  84. OHS-SOP-A84 Impact Wrench Tire Removal
  85. OHS-SOP-A85 IncidentAccident Response
  86. OHS-SOP-A86 Indoor Storage and Usage of Flammable Liquids
  87. OHS-SOP-A87 Inflating Tires
  88. OHS-SOP-A88 Install Catch Basins
  89. OHS-SOP-A89 Install Fire Hydrants
  90. OHS-SOP-A90 Install Gate Valves
  91. OHS-SOP-A91 Install Catch Basins
  92. OHS-SOP-A92 Investigating On The Job Accidents
  93. OHS-SOP-A93 Jacking Vehicle With Pneumatic Bottle Jack
  94. OHS-SOP-A94 Jumping Jack Inspection
  95. OHS-SOP-A95 Lighting Oxy Acetylene Torch
  96. OHS-SOP-A96 Load Crawler Loader
  97. OHS-SOP-A97 Load Excavator
  98. OHS-SOP-A98 Load Loader
  99. OHS-SOP-A99 Load Skidsteer
  100. OHS-SOP-A100 Loader Operator
  101. OHS-SOP-A101 Loading Excavator
  102. OHS-SOP-A102 Loading Granular With Loader
  103. OHS-SOP-A103 Maintenance of Ride-On Packer
  104. OHS-SOP-A104 Maintenance of Road Grader
  105. OHS-SOP-A105 Maintenance of Scraper
  106. OHS-SOP-A106 Maintenance of Semi Truck
  107. OHS-SOP-A107 Maintenance of Tandem Truck
  108. OHS-SOP-A108 Maintenance of Track-Type Excavator
  109. OHS-SOP-A109 Maintenance of Track Type Loader
  110. OHS-SOP-A110 Maintenance of Wheel-Type Excavator
  111. OHS-SOP-A111 Maintenance of Wheel Type Loader
  112. OHS-SOP-A112 Major Site Emergencies
  113. OHS-SOP-A113 Manual Lifting
  114. OHS-SOP-A114 Metal Inert Gas Welding
  115. OHS-SOP-A115 Move a Disabled Machine
  116. OHS-SOP-A116 Moving Equipment In or Out of Shop Area
  117. OHS-SOP-A117 Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention
  118. OHS-SOP-A118 Oil Changing
  119. OHS-SOP-A119 Oil – Hydraulic
  120. OHS-SOP-A120 Operating Vehicles in Shop
  121. OHS-SOP-A121 Perimeter Fencing
  122. OHS-SOP-A122 Pneumatic Ratchet
  123. OHS-SOP-A123 Portable Generator
  124. OHS-SOP-A124 High-Pressure Air
  125. OHS-SOP-A125 Portable Light Strings
  126. OHS-SOP-A126 Power Tool Inspection
  127. OHS-SOP-A127 Power Tools
  128. OHS-SOP-A128 Powered Equipment Inspections
  129. OHS-SOP-A129 PPE – Eye Protection
  130. OHS-SOP-A130 PPE – Foot Protection
  131. OHS-SOP-A131 PPE – Head Protection
  132. OHS-SOP-A132 PPE – Hearing Protection
  133. OHS-SOP-A133 PPE – High Visibility Vest
  134. OHS-SOP-A134 PPE – Protective Clothing
  135. OHS-SOP-A135 PPE – Respiratory Protection
  136. OHS-SOP-A136 Preparing Tire Rims Before Mounting
  137. OHS-SOP-A137 Propane Heaters
  138. OHS-SOP-A138 Proper Installment Removal of Shoring
  139. OHS-SOP-A139 Proper Instalment of Trench Box
  140. OHS-SOP-A140 Pumping Water
  141. OHS-SOP-A141 Quick Cut Saw Inspection
  142. OHS-SOP-A142 Repairing Equipment
  143. OHS-SOP-A143 Repairs and Servicing
  144. OHS-SOP-A144 Road Packer Operator
  145. OHS-SOP-A145 Rock Truck Operator
  146. OHS-SOP-A146 Roll Crusher Operation
  147. OHS-SOP-A147 Safeguards
  148. OHS-SOP-A148 Scaffold
  149. OHS-SOP-A149 Screener Angle Adjustment
  150. OHS-SOP-A150 Securing Equipment on Trailer for Transportation
  151. OHS-SOP-A151 Semi and Tandem Truck Drivers
  152. OHS-SOP-A152 Serious Injury
  153. OHS-SOP-A153 Set Clutch
  154. OHS-SOP-A154 Set up Conveyor
  155. OHS-SOP-A155 Set up – Crusher
  156. OHS-SOP-A156 Set Up Traffic Signs
  157. OHS-SOP-A157 Setting Brake
  158. OHS-SOP-A158 Shoveling Granular
  159. OHS-SOP-A159 Shoveling Snow
  160. OHS-SOP-A160 Site Inspections
  161. OHS-SOP-A161 Skidsteer Operation
  162. OHS-SOP-A162 Snow Blower
  163. OHS-SOP-A163 Solvent Recycling
  164. OHS-SOP-A164 Spill Containment
  165. OHS-SOP-A165 Starting Chainsaw
  166. OHS-SOP-A166 Sun Protection
  167. OHS-SOP-A167 Support Dump Boxes
  168. OHS-SOP-A168 Time Management
  169. OHS-SOP-A169 Tracked Loader Demolition
  170. OHS-SOP-A170 Tube Flaring
  171. OHS-SOP-A171 Unloading Crawler Loader
  172. OHS-SOP-A172 Unloading Excavator
  173. OHS-SOP-A173 Unloading Granular from Wobbly
  174. OHS-SOP-A174 Unloading Granular
  175. OHS-SOP-A175 Unloading Loader
  176. OHS-SOP-A176 Unloading Skidsteer
  177. OHS-SOP-A177 Used Oil Transfer
  178. OHS-SOP-A178 Utility Locations Clearances
  179. OHS-SOP-A179 Welding
  180. OHS-SOP-A180 Working Alone
  181. OHS-SOP-A181 Working Under Vehicles

Investing in the Safe Operating Procedures and Method Statement Kit is an investment in your company’s safety culture. By streamlining your safety protocols, you can reduce accidents, increase efficiency, and foster a workplace environment that values the well-being of your employees. Get started today and ensure your team operates in a secure and compliant manner. Your journey to a safer workplace begins here.

Note: If you require any additional documentation you can’t find here, let us know and we can compile it for you. Email us:


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