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What Are Toolbox Talks Cover

What are Toolbox Talks?

Toolbox Talks are there to save lives, protect the environment and increase productivity by communicating your company’s risks, hazards and precaution steps to your employees.

Download your Toolbox talk templates here : Click here

Toolbox talks are daily/weekly discussions or presentation to employees.

Toolbox talks are short training sessions to educate and inform employees about hazards and risk they are exposed to.

Toolbox talks are there to provide the employee with safety controls of the occupation/ task the employee will be doing so they do it on a safe and trained manner.

Toolbox talks should be held at least once a week or on higher risk sites on a daily basis.

Toolbox talks main purpose is to prevent accidents.

Toolbox talks should cover general site-specific safety and task-specific safety concerns.

Toolbox talks can be held by any competent employee who has experience in the occupation/ task the toolbox talk topic is.

Signed attendance registers of toolbox talks should be kept in case the department of labour wants to see them.

Make sure you are fully compliant to Occupational health and safety act no 85 of 1993 by following Section 8 (e) says “providing such information, instructions, training and supervision as may be necessary to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety at work of his employees” and do your toolbox talks daily or weekly.

Here is a example picture of a Toolbox talk for Compactor operators template document:

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