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Appointment Letters

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Appointment Letters Safety File Templates.


Appointment Letters

An Appointment Letter is a legally binding document that confirms that an organization has offered a position to an employee and they have accepted the terms and agreement.
Appointment Letters Safety File Templates.

Documents are soft copy and in either Microsoft Word or Excel formats.. Once payment is complete you will be redirected to instantly download the files you purchased.

Legal Appointments

  • OHS-APM-A1-0001 CEO
  • OHS-APM-A1-001 Section 8(2)(i) Supervisor for use of machinery
  • OHS-APM-A1-001 Section 8(2)(i) Supervisor or Competent Person
  • OHS-APM-A1-002 Section 19 She Committee
  • OHS-APM-A1-003 Section 16(2) Assistant To The CEO
  • OHS-APM-A1-004 Section 17 Health And Safety Representative
  • OHS-APM-A1-005 Section 19(3) Health And Safety Committee Member
  • OHS-APM-A1-006 GAR 9(2) Incident Investigator
  • OHS-APM-A1-007 GMR 2(1) Competent Person In Relation To The Supervisor Of Machinery
  • OHS-APM-A1-008 GMR 2(7)(a) Assistant To The Competent Person In Relation To The Use Of Machinery
  • OHS-APM-A1-009 REG 6(1) Competent Person Or Firm For The Examination And Maintenance Of Lifts, Escalators & Passenger Conveyors
  • OHS-APM-A1-010 REG 13(1)(b) Competent Person Or Firm For The Inspection & Testing Of Pressure Vessels & Boilers
  • OHS-APM-A1-011 GMR 4(3) Shiftsman
  • OHS-APM-A1-012 GSR 3(4) First Aider
  • OHS-APM-A1-013 Section 8(2)(d) Risk Assessor section
  • OHS-APM-A1-014 GSR 13A Ladder Inspector
  • OHS-APM-A1-015 ER Workplace 9 Evacuation Officer
  • OHS-APM-A1-016 Section 37(2) Mandatary Agreement
  • OHS-APM-A1-018 CR 3(4) Fire Fighter
  • OHS-APM-A1-019 Section 8(2)(d) Risk Assessor
  • OHS-APM-A1-036 ER Workplace 9 Evacuation Officer
  • OHS-APM-A1-037 Section 16(2) Assistant To The Section 16(2)
  • OHS-APM-B1-000 CR Construction Regulations 2014 Appointments list
  • OHS-APM-B1-001 CR 5(5) Client Agent
  • OHS-APM-B1-002 CR 5(1)(k) Principal Contractor
  • OHS-APM-B1-003 CR 7(c)(v) Contractor
  • OHS-APM-B1-004 CR 8(1) Construction Manager
  • OHS-APM-B1-005 CR 8(2) Assistant Construction Manager
  • OHS-APM-B1-006 CR 8(7) Construction Supervisor
  • OHS-APM-B1-007 CR 8(8) Assistant Construction Supervisor
  • OHS-APM-B1-008 CR 8(5) Construction Health and Safety Officer
  • OHS-APM-B1-009 CR 9(1) Construction work risk assessment facilitator
  • OHS-APM-B1-010 CR 10(1)(a) Fall Protection Officer
  • OHS-APM-B1-011 CR 6(1) Structural designer
  • OHS-APM-B1-012 CR 12(1) Temporary works designer
  • OHS-APM-B1-013 CR 12(2) Temporary works supervisor
  • OHS-APM-B1-014 CR 13(1)(a) Excavation Work Supervisor
  • OHS-APM-B1-015 CR 13(2)(k) Explosives expert for excavation work
  • OHS-APM-B1-015 CR 14(1) Demolition work supervisor
  • OHS-APM-B1-016 CR 14(11) Explosives expert for demolition work
  • OHS-APM-B1-017 CR 16(1) Scaffold Erector
  • OHS-APM-B1-018 CR 16(1) Scaffolding supervisor
  • OHS-APM-B1-019 CR 17(1) Suspended platform supervisor
  • OHS-APM-B1-020 CR 19(8)(a) Material Hoist Inspector
  • OHS-APM-B1-021 CR 20(1) Bulk mixing plant supervisor
  • OHS-APM-B1-022 CR 21(2)(b) Explosive actuated fastening device supervisor
  • OHS-APM-B1-023 CR 21(2)(g)(i) Controller of explosive cartridges and nails
  • OHS-APM-B1-024 CR 23(1)(k) Construction Vehicle & Mobile Plant Inspector
  • OHS-APM-B1-025 CR 24(d) Temporary Electrical Installation
  • OHS-APM-B1-026 CR 24(c) Electrical machinery Controller
  • OHS-APM-B1-026 CR 24(e) Electrical machinery inspector
  • OHS-APM-B1-027 CR 28(a) Stacking and Storage Supervisor
  • OHS-APM-B1-028 CR 29(h) Construction fire-fighting equipment inspector
  • OHS-APM-B1-029 CR 30(h)(i) Construction fire-fighting equipment user
  • OHS-APM-B1-030 CR 18(1)(a) Rope Access
  • OHS-APM-B1-031 CR 22(1)(a) Tower Crane Erection Supervisor
  • OHS-APM-B1-032 CR 22(1)(e) Tower Crane Operator
  • OHS-APM-B1-033 CR 30(1) Hygiene Inspector
  • OHS-APM-B1-034 HCS 3(3) Hazardous Chemical Substances Supervisor
  • OHS-APM-B1-036 DMR 12 Mixing agitator and similar machine user appointment letter
  • OHS-APM-B1-038 Electrical Installation Supervisor
  • OHS-APM-B1-039 Hand Tool Supervisor
  • OHS-APM-B1-040 Fire Protection Inspector
  • OHS-APM-B1-041 Personal Protective Equipment Inspector
  • OHS-APM-B1-042 Housekeeping and General Safeguarding Controller
  • OHS-APM-B1-043 Power Tool Inspector
  • OHS-APM-B1-044 Flagman
  • OHS-APM-B1-045 Traffic Officer
  • OHS-APM-B1-046 DMR 2015 18(11) Lifting Machine Operator
  • OHS-APM-B1-047 DMR 2015 18(5) Lifting Machine Inspector
  • OHS-DOC-B1-048 Safety Harnesses Inspector Appointment
  • OHS-DOC-B1-049 Emergency Evacuation Co-Ordinator Appointment
  • OHS-DOC-B1-050 Flame Cutting & Welding Supervisor Appointment
  • OHS-DOC-B1-051 Hazardous Chemical Substances Supervisor Appointment
  • OHS-DOC-B1-052 Hazardous Substances Chemicals Designated Person Appointment

Other Appointments

  • OHS-CVD-A1-010 COVID-19 Coordinator Appointment
  • OHS-DOC-B1-001 Explosives Manager – Appointment Form
  • OHS-DOC-B1-002 Blasting Supervisor – Appointment Form
  • OHS-DOC-B1-003 Batch Plant Operator and Supervisor – Appointment Form
  • OHS-DOC-B1-004 Ladders and Access Supervisor – Appointment Form
  • OHS-DOC-B1-005 Excavation Supervisor – Appointment Form
  • OHS-DOC-B1-006 Demolition Supervisor – Appointment Form
  • OHS-DOC-B1-007 Electrical Supervisor – Appointment Form
  • OHS-DOC-B1-008 Electrical Equipment Inspector – Appointment Form
  • OHS-DOC-B1-009 Explosive Powered Tool Supervisor – Appointment Form
  • OHS-DOC-B1-010 Explosive Powered Tool Operator – Appointment Form
  • OHS-DOC-B1-011 Fall Protection Supervisor – Appointment Form
  • OHS-DOC-B1-012 Flame Cutting & Welding Supervisor – Appointment Form
  • OHS-DOC-B1-013 Hand Tool Supervisor – Appointment Form
  • OHS-DOC-B1-014 Stacking Supervisor – Appointment Form
  • OHS-DOC-B1-015 Storeman – Appointment Form
  • OHS-DOC-B1-016 Formwork and Support work Supervisor – Appointment Form
  • OHS-DOC-B1-017 Formwork Erector – Appointment Form
  • OHS-DOC-B1-018 Supervisor of Machinery – Appointment Form
  • OHS-DOC-B1-019 Subordinate Supervisor Of Machinery – Appointment Form
  • OHS-DOC-B1-020 Plant & Equipment Operator – Appointment Form
  • OHS-DOC-B1-021 Lifting Equipment Supervisor – Appointment Form
  • OHS-DOC-B1-022 Lifting Equipment Operator – Appointment Form
  • OHS-DOC-B1-023 Lifting Equipment Inspector – Appointment Form
  • OHS-DOC-B1-024 Material Hoist Operator – Appointment Form

Before utilizing these documents, verify their compliance with the latest legal standards.

Note : If you require any additional documentation you can’t find here, let us know and we can compile it for you.

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