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HVAC Pro Safety Masterfile: Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Installation and Maintenance

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Whether you’re a seasoned HVAC professional or new to the field, the HVAC Safety Pro: Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Safety File is your key to fostering a safer, more compliant workplace. Streamline your safety processes and elevate your standards with our all-inclusive, customizable safety file.

Key Features:

  • Instant Download and Ready-to-Use: Gain immediate access to the safety file upon purchase. Our ready-to-use template allows you to swiftly implement essential safety protocols.
  • Fully Editable Documents: Provided in either Microsoft Word or Excel formats, all documents are designed for easy customization. Tailor them to fit the specific needs of your service operations and office activities.
  • Inclusive of All Listed Index Documents: From detailed health and safety plans, risk assessments, and emergency procedures to COVID-19 specific guidelines and toolbox talks, every document mentioned in the extensive index is included in your download.
  • Tailored for HVAC Industry Standards: Addressing the unique risks and requirements of the HVAC sector, this safety file covers critical areas such as fall protection, electrical safety, chemical handling, and more.


  1. Health and Safety Plans
OHS Plan
Fall Protection Plan
Risk Assessment Methodology
  1. Policies
SHE OHS Policy
Environmental Policy
Drug and Alcohol Policy
Waste Management Policy
Hot Works Policy
Fall Protection Policy
Housekeeping Policy
Electrical Work Policy
Emergency Management Policy
Incident Management Policy
Hazardous Chemical Substance Policy
HIV Policy
  1. Supporting Documentation
INSERT (department of labour documents letter of good standing)
INSERT (Medical Induction Competencies & Training Records)
  1. Covid-19 Kit
COVID-19 Programme
COVID-19 Policy
Covid-19 Notice
COVID-19 Risk Assessment
COVID-19 Housekeeping and Sanitizing Schedule
COVID-19 Induction
COVID-19 Coordinator Appointment
COVID-19 Coordinator Daily Compliance Checklist
COVID-19 Employee sign in checklist
Covid-19 Gov Documentation(FREE)
  1. Organogram
  1. Appointments Letters
Section Supervisor or Competent Person
She Committee
Assistant To The CEO
Health And Safety Representative
Health And Safety Committee Member
Incident Investigator
First Aider
Ladder Inspector
Fire Fighter
Workplace Evacuation Officer
Construction Supervisor
Assistant Construction Supervisor
Construction Health and Safety Officer
Fall Protection Officer
Scaffold Erector
Scaffolding Supervisor
Construction Vehicle & Mobile Plant Inspector
Temporary Electrical Installation
Electrical Machinery Controller
Electrical Machinery Inspector
Stacking and Storage Supervisor
Construction Fire-fighting Equipment Inspector
Construction Fire-fighting Equipment User
Hazardous Chemical Substances Supervisor
Fall Arrest Rescue Member
Hand Tool Supervisor
Fire Protection Inspector
Personal Protective Equipment Inspector
Housekeeping and General Safeguarding Controller
Power Tool Inspector
Flame Cutting & Welding Supervisor Appointment
  1. Risk Assessment and SWP-SOP-Method Statement
Baseline Risk Assessment
Baseline Risk Assessment Hazard and Control
Baseline Risk Assessment Classification and Ratings
Baseline Risk Assessment Methodology

HVAC Task Based Risk Assessment
Working at heights Risk Assessment
Air-conditioner Installation Risk Assessment
Air-conditioner Maintenance Risk Assessment
Chemical Handling and Gas and Storage Risk Assessment
Customer Service and Communication
Electrical Safety Risk Assessment
Emergency Response and Evacuation Risk Assessment
Environmental Compliance and Waste Management
Hand and Power Tools Risk Assessment
Hot Works Risk Assessment
Inventory Management and Storage Risk Assessment
Manual Handling Risk Assessment
Refrigerator Installation Risk Assessment
Refrigerator Maintenance Risk Assessment
Site Preparation and Cleanup Risk Assessment
Transportation of Equipment Risk Assessment
Up-to-Date Training Risk Assessment

SWP, SOP, Method statement
Site Preparation and Cleanup SWP and MS
Transportation of Equipment SWP and MS
Up-to-Date Training SWP and MS
Working at Heights SWP and MS
Air-conditioner Installation SWP and MS
Air-conditioner Maintenance SWP and MS
Chemical Handling, Gas and Storage SWP and MS
Customer Service and Communication SWP and MS
Electrical Safety SWP and MS
Emergency Response and Evacuation SWP and MS
Environmental Compliance and Waste Management SWP and MS
Hand and Power Tools SWP and MS
Hot Works SWP and MS
Inventory Management and Storage SWP and MS
Manual Handling SWP and MS
Refrigerator Installation SWP and MS
Refrigerator Maintenance SWP and MS
  1. Permits
Working at Heights Permit
Electrical Work Permit
Hot Work Permit
  1. Incident & Accidents Management
Standard Accident Procedure
Daily First Aid Treatment Register
Emergency Management Plan
Emergency Telephone Numbers
Fire Drill Observation Check Sheet
Form - COID - W.Cl.1 - Employers Report of an Occupational Disease (FREE)
Form - COID - W.Cl.2 - Employers Report of an Accident(FREE)
Form - COID - W.Cl.6 - Resumption Report(FREE)
In Case of Fire or Other Emergency Procedure
Incident Injury Statement
Incident Register
Insert Site Maps
Monthly First Aid Equipment Register
Name List of First Aiders and Safety Reps
Reporting Injury Procedure
  1. Emergency
INSERT Client Site Evacuation Plan and Route
Fire Prevention Plan
Insert Client Site Evacuation Plan and Route
Emergency Evacuation Procedure
Fire Drill Observation Check Sheet


  1. Induction and Toolbox Talks
Toolbox Talks
Multi Toolbox Talks Air-conditioner and Refrigerator
Talk 1: Electrical Safety
Talk 2: Handling Refrigerants
Talk 3: Working at Heights
Talk 4: Manual Handling
Talk 5: Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Talk 6: Heat Stress Management
Talk 7: Safe Use of Hand and Power Tools
Talk 8: Chemical Handling and Storage
Talk 9: Ladder Safety
Talk 10: Fire Safety and Prevention
Talk 11: Housekeeping and Organization
Talk 12: Environmental Awareness
Talk 13: Emergency Response and Evacuation
Talk 14: Working in Confined Spaces
Talk 15: Stress and Fatigue Management
Talk 16: Electrical Hazard Awareness
Talk 17: Vehicle and Transportation Safety
Talk 18: Communicating Hazards and Near Misses
Talk 19: Slips, Trips, and Falls Prevention
Talk 20: Lockout/Tagout Procedures
Talk 21: Safe Storage Practices
Talk 22: Respiratory Protection
Talk 23: Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy
Talk 24: Working with High-pressure Systems
Toolbox Talks Attendance List
Toolbox Talks Discussion Record
Toolbox Talks Safe Use of Ladders with Register
Toolbox Talks Portable Electrical Tools with Register
Toolbox Talks Gas Welding and Cutting with Register
Toolbox Talks Housekeeping with Register
Toolbox Talks Premises and Housekeeping with Register
Toolbox Talks Falling Objects with Register
Toolbox Talks Use of Compressed Air
Toolbox Talks Hand Tools

  1. Registers
Welding Machine Monthly Register
Air-conditioner Installation and Maintenance Register
Attendance Register
Environmental Compliance and Waste Management Register
Fire Fighting Equipment Monthly Register
Generator Monthly Register
Hand Tool Monthly Register
Hazardous Chemical Substance Storage Register
Ladder Monthly Register
Portable Electrical Tools Monthly Register
PPE Issue Register
Stacking and Storage Monthly Register
Tool and Equipment Maintenance Register
Transportation and Equipment Handling Register
  1. Inspections and Checklists
Welding Machine Checklist
Fire Extinguisher Equipment Checklist
Gas Equipment Checklist
Hand tools Checklist
Housekeeping Checklist
Ladders Checklist
Oxygen-Acetylene Welding Checklist
Portable Electrical Equipment Checklist

Waste Management
Emergency Management Evacuation Coordinator
Emergency Management Fire Marshal
Emergency Management Fire Warden
Emergency Management Lead Coordinator
Emergency Management Security Officer
Fire Equipment
Gas Equipment
Hand Tools
Housekeeping Daily
Machine Guarding
Personal Protective Equipment
Portable Electrical Equipment
Scaffold General Inspection
Weekly Housekeeping
  1. Training
Record of Training
Skill Training Evaluation
Training Needs Analysis
  1. Safety Documentation
Company Safety Rules
First Aid Boxes Content
Meeting Report
Standard Safety Meeting Minutes
Standard Safety Register
  1. OHS Act and regulations
Occupational Health and Safety Act(FREE)
General Safety Regulations; 1986(FREE)
General Administrative Regulations, 2003(FREE)
Construction Regulations 2014(FREE)
Electrical Machinery Regulations, 2011(FREE)
Driven Machinery Regulations, 1988(FREE)
  1. MSDS’S
MSDS Acetylene
MSDS Nitrogen
  1. Plan Task Observation
Plan Task Procedure
Plan Task Observation Report
Planned Task Observation Blank Form
Task Observation Register
Air-conditioner Services PTO
Refrigerator Services PTO

Note : If you require any additional documentation you can’t find here, let us know and we can compile it for you.

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