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General Safety File Documents

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Safety File Document Templates Easy downloadable Online Grisk Management


Safety File Document Templates Easy downloadable Online

Documents are soft copy and in Microsoft word and excel format. Once payment is complete you will be redirected to instantly download the files you purchased.

Disciplinary Documents

  • SHE DOC A01 Disciplinary Warning Form
  • SHE DOC A02 Notification Of A Disciplinary Investigation
  • SHE DOC A03 Disciplinary Investigation
  • SHE DOC A04 Disciplinary Final Warning
  • SHE DOC A05 Disciplinary Written Warning
  • SHE DOC A06 Disciplinary Discharge Letter

Emergency Documents

  • SHE DOC A01 Emergency Spillages Procedure
  • SHE DOC A02 Emergency Evacuation Procedure
  • SHE DOC A03 Emergency Telephone Numbers
  • SHE DOC A04 Emergency Evacuation Procedure
  • SHE DOC A05 Emergency Telephone Numbers

Fire Documents

  • SHE DOC A11 Identification of Fire Risk Areas
  • SHE DOC A12 In Case of Fire or Other Emergency
  • SHE FRE A01 Fire Safety
  • SHE FRE A02 Fire Drill Observation Check Sheet
  • SHE FRE A03 Fire Drill After Event Observation
  • SHE FRE A04 Fire Prevention Plan


  • SHE ORG A01 Appointment Structure for A Site with Sub-Contractors
  • SHE ORG A02 Appointment Structure for A Site Under the Mine Health and Safety Act
  • SHE ORG A03 Appointment Structure for A Site With Sun-Contractors Mine
  • SHE ORG A04 Appointment Structure for A Site that Operate Under the OHS Act

Safety Meetings

  • SHE HSE A01 Standard Safety Meeting Minutes
  • SHE HSE A02 Standard Safety Register
  • SHE HSE A03 Meeting Report

Contractor Safety Documents

  • SHE CON A01 Requirements
  • SHE CON A02 Contractor Checklist
  • SHE CON A03 Mandatary Agreement & Safety Specification
  • SHE CON A04 Contractor Audit


  • SHE SRY A01 Safety Glass Survey
  • SHE SRY A02 Ergonomic Survey (A)
  • SHE SRY A02 Ergonomic Survey (B)
  • SHE SRY A03 Notice and Symbolic Signs Survey
  • SHE SRY A04 New Plant and Alterations – Pre-Commissioning Inspection Survey

Training Documents

  • SHE DOC A13 Record of Training of Health and Safety Representative
  • SHE DOC A21 Respiratory Equipment Training
  • SHE DOC A22 Training in The Use of a Safety Harness Belt
  • SHE DOC A23 Training Permission Request
  • SHE TRN A03 Skill Training Evaluation
  • SHE TRN A04 Training Needs Analysis
  • SHE TRN A05 Training Schedule (Construction)
  • SHE TRN A06 Safety Harness Training
  • SHE-TNG-A01 Training Matrix


  • SHE ADT A01 Contractor Systems Audit Set by Department of Labour
  • SHE ADT A02 Audit Schedule

Environmental System

  • SHE ENV A01 Environmental Plan
  • SHE ENV A02 Environmental Policy Audit Guidelines
  • SHE ENV A03 Environmental Removal System Scrap and Reuse Containers Audit Guidelines
  • SHE ENV A04 Environmental Objectives, Targets and Programme Self-Audit Guidelines
  • SHE ENV A05 Environmental Legal Requirements Self-Audit Guidelines
  • SHE ENV A06 Environmental Organisation, Training and Communication Self-Audit Guidelines
  • SHE ENV A07 Environmental Operational Control and Records Self-Audit Guidelines
  • SHE ENV A08 Environmental Emergency Procedures and Response Plans Audit Guidelines
  • SHE ENV A09 Environmental Pollution Prevention Audit Guidelines
  • SHE ENV A10 Environmental Indoor Air Pollution Self-Audit Guidelines
  • SHE ENV A11 Environmental Hazardous Materials Self-Audit Guidelines
  • SHE ENV A12 Environmental Waste Management Self-Audit Guidelines
  • SHE ENV A13 Environmental Hazardous Waste Self-Audit Guidelines
  • SHE ENV A14 Environmental Resource Conservation Water and Energy Self-Audit Guidelines
  • SHE ENV A15 Environmental Appointment Person responsible For Co-Ordinating
  • SHE ENV A16 Environmental Pollution Study (Internal) Pollution Prevention
  • SHE ENV A17 Environmental Impact Study Pollution Prevention
  • SHE ENV A18 Environmental List Of Hazardous Waste Generated On Site Pollution Prevention
  • SHE ENV A19 Environmental Indoor Air Pollution Ventilation Study (Internal)
  • SHE ENV A20 Environmental Indoor Air Pollution Air Conditioner Inspection Control
  • SHE ENV A21 Environmental Hazardous Chemical Substances Control HCS
  • SHE ENV A22 Environmental First Aid Treatment Guidlines Hazardous Chemical Substances Control HCS
  • SHE ENV A23 Environmental Quarterly Review Hazardous Chemical Substances Control HCS
  • SHE ENV A24 Environmental Training Programme Hazardous Chemical Substances Control HCS
  • SHE ENV A25 Environmental Hazardous Substances Control Sample Letter to Supplier
  • SHE ENV A26 Environmental Hazardous Substances Control Training Programme
  • SHE ENV A27 Environmental Hazardous Substances Control
  • SHE ENV A28 Environmental Hazardous Substances Control Classification, P.P.E. And Procedures
  • SHE ENV A29 Environmental Hazardous Substances Control Procedure In Case of Large Spills
  • SHE ENV A30 Environmental Pollution Air Ground and Water
  • SHE ENV A31 SHE Policy
  • SHE ENV A32 Environmental Hazardous Substances Control Emergency Action Card

Incident & Accidents Management

  • SHE INC A01 Reporting Injury Procedure
  • SHE INC A02 Appointment Incident Investigator
  • SHE INC A03 Incident Register
  • SHE INC A04 Incident Report
  • SHE INC A05 Incident Injury Statement
  • SHE INC A06 Incident Investigation
  • SHE INC A07 Incident Reporting Procedure
  • SHE INC A08 Recording and Investigation of Incident
  • SHE INC A09 Standard Accident Procedure
  • SHE INC A10 Name List of First Aiders
  • SHE INC A11 Report of an Accident
  • SHE INC A12 Investigation Form
  • SHE INC A13 Statement Form
  • SHE INC A14 Daily First Aid Treatment Register
  • SHE INC A15 Monthly First Aid Equipment Register
  • SHE INC A16 Plant Accident Investigation Report

PPE Personal Protective Equipment

  • SHE PPE A01 Personal Protective Equipment (Ppe) Hazard Assessment
  • SHE PPE A02 Personal Protective Equipment Checklist
  • SHE PPE A03 Personal Protective Equipment Analysis
  • SHE PPE A04 Personal Protective Equipment Standards
  • SHE PPE A05 Personal Protective Equipment Introduction & Overview
  • SHE PPE A06 Personal Protective Equipment Issue
  • SHE PPE A07 Personal Protective Equipment Conversation Declaration
  • SHE PPE A08 Personal Protective Equipment Wear Your PPE
  • SHE REG A01 PPE Register

Other Safety Documents

  • SHE DOC A01 Demarcation Code and Dimensions of Aisles and Storage
  • SHE DOC A02 General Colour Coding Plant and Pipelines
  • SHE DOC A03 Colour Code Pipe Lines -Application of Colours
  • SHE DOC A04 Colour Code Symbolic Safety Signs
  • SHE DOC A05 Scaffold Erection Standards
  • SHE DOC A15 Man Job Specifications (Guideline)
  • SHE DOC A16 Checklist of Contractors Documentation
  • SHE DOC A17 Rule for Contractors on Site
  • SHE DOC A18 New Equipment Safety Control Checklist
  • SHE DOC A19 Problem Identification or Solving
  • SHE DOC A20 Notification of Construction Work Regulation 3
  • SHE DOC A24 Health and Safety Representative Nomination Sheet
  • SHE DOC A25 Acceptance and Acknowledgement Site Induction
  • SHE DOC A26 Notification Of Construction Work
  • SHE DOC A28 First Aid Boxes Content
  • SHE DOC A29 Site Safety Rules’
  • SHE DOC A30 Contractor On Site Health and Safety Information Letter
  • SHE DOC A31 Contractor Health and Safety Assessment
  • SHE DOC A32 Daily Safety Task Investigation
  • SHE DOC A36 Notification and Permission to Excavate
  • SHE DOC A37 Vehicle, Plant and Machinery Requirements
  • SHE DOC A38 Safety Notice Machinery Schedule D
  • SHE DOC A39 Company Safety Rules

Confined Space

  • SHE LCK A06 Confined Space Entry Permit and Checklist
  • SHE LCK A08 Monitoring List For Confined Spaces
  • SHE LCK A12 Confined Space Access and Egress Register
  • SHE-RSK-D02 Confined Space Permit

Fall Protection Plan

  • SHE FPP A01 Checklist For Fall Protection
  • SHE FPP A02 Appointment of Fall Protection Developer
  • SHE FPP A03 Fall Protection User Log Inc inspections
  • SHE FPP A04 Fall Protection Sloped Roofs
  • SHE FPP A05 Fall Protection Monthly Equipment Register
  • SHE FPP A06 Fall Protection Guideline
  • SHE FPP A07 Fall Protection Plan Construction Regulation 8
  • SHE FPP A08 Fall Protection Procedure
  • SHE FPP A09 Fall Protection Risk Assessment Recording Sheet
  • SHE FPP A10 Person Job-Assessment For Working At Heights

Lifting Equipment

  • SHE LFT A01 Lifting Equipment Monthly Inspection
  • SHE LFT A02 Mobile Crane Monthly Inspection
  • SHE LFT A03 Spread In Throat Opening Safety Inspection
  • SHE LFT A04 Mobi-Lift Monthly Inspection

Lock Out

  • SHE LCK A01 Lock Out Control Register
  • SHE LCK A02 Lock Out Tags
  • SHE SWP A01 Lock Out Procedure


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