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We Specialize and can assist our clients with –

Baseline Risk Assessments

Safe Wok Procedures (SWP)

Client Specific SHE Files

Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis

Legal Requirements

SHE System Development

Health and Safety Training


Griffin Occupational Health and Safety Solutions makes use of external sources for specialized consultation work, such as –

Hazardous Area Classification Survey

Major Hazardous Installation Survey and Risk Assessment

Hygiene Surveys

Stack Emission Monitoring and Control

Rational Fire Design & Fire Plans

Basic Assessment & Environmental Impact Assessment

A OHS Management System –

Providing a smooth and continual process-flow of your business.

By combining client and legislation requirements, Griffin Occupational Health and Safety Solutions can develop work standards for your business.

Risk Management Deployment Process

Identify Departments
Identify Legal Requirements
Identify Resources
Develop System
Implement System
Monitor and Review System
Continual Improvement

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