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What is a SHE-File?

A SHE File is a record of information which focuses on the Safety, Health and Environmental risks within the organisation. The SHE File can be seen as a very large procedure that identifies:

–   What can go wrong?
–   How can we prevent it from happening?
–   What do we do when things do go wrong?

A SHE File shows prove to clients, shareholders, and the department of labour that the organization complies to safety legislations. It is compiled is relation to the legislation and the activities performed on site.

What is a SHE-File Template?

A SHE File template are a set of generic documents that have been compiled and may be applicable and used in your industry.

SHE File templates are and never will be 100% suitable for your business, SHE File templates are used as guidelines. SHE file templates do not accommodate Baseline Risk Assessments although templates can be edited to comply with your businesses needs, these are strictly site specific documents.

We can also assist with tailor made Safety Files or Documentation that you may need. Please contact us with any requests.

Need a SHE File?

Griffin occupational health and safety solutions also offers SHE File Templates that can be modified by the client to accommodate their industry.

Documents and files on our shop are soft copy and in Microsoft word and excel format. Once payment is complete you will be redirected to instantly download the files you purchased.

What is needed in a SHE-File?

Each industry and company will have a different answer to this question. Griffin occupational health and safety solutions uses an approach system to ensure that both legislation and client requirements are complied with.
–   Identify the department
–   Identify legal requirements
–   Identify resources
–   Develop the system
–   Monitor and review the system
–   Continual improvement

There are certain documents that are required by legislation and that are also highly recommended, these include:
–   SHE Policies
–   SHE Plan
–   Letter of Good Standing
–   Appointment Letters
–   Inspections and registers
–   Emergency management plan
–   Risk Assessments
–   Incident and Accident investigation documents
–   Employee details
–   Certificates

Build Your Own SHE-File

Select only the documentation templates you need for your Safety File.

  • After you’ve completed the checklist with your desired documentation, email the document to
  • An invoice will be emailed back to you with payment details. Once payment is accepted, the files will be sent to you via email.
  • Alternatively, you can make a direct EFT payment for the total amount and send both the checklist and proof of payment to
  • Note all purchases must be above R100.00