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Safety Inspections

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Safety Inspections

Safety inspections involve a checklist, which helps inspectors thoroughly assess each area or potential hazard.


  • SHE INS A04 Business Continuity
  • SHE INS A10 Earth Leakage Boards
  • SHE INS A12 Electrical Distribution Boards-Earth Leakage
  • SHE INS A14 Electrical Installation
  • SHE INS A15 Electrical Machine Safety
  • SHE INS A17 Emergency Management Evacuation Coordinator
  • SHE INS A18 Emergency Management Fire Marshal
  • SHE INS A19 Emergency Management Fire Warden
  • SHE INS A20 Emergency Management Lead Coordinator
  • SHE INS A21 Emergency Management Security Officer
  • SHE INS A25 Fire Equipment
  • SHE INS A37 Hand Tools
  • SHE INS A38 Hazardous Chemical Substance Storage Inspections Register
  • SHE INS A39 Hazardous Substance Control
  • SHE INS A40 Hooks
  • SHE INS A42 Housekeeping
  • SHE INS A44 Hygiene
  • SHE INS A47 Ladders
  • SHE INS A48 Lifting Equipment
  • SHE INS A54 Lighting
  • SHE INS A55 LP Gas Equipment
  • SHE INS A56 Machine Guarding
  • SHE INS A58 Machine Safety
  • SHE INS A59 Mobile Crane
  • SHE INS A61 Personal Protective Equipment
  • SHE INS A62 Pollution
  • SHE INS A64 Portable Electrical Equipment
  • SHE INS A68 Safety Signs
  • SHE INS A69 Scaffold General Inspection
  • SHE INS A71 Business Continuity Inspection
  • SHE INS A74 Switches and Valves
  • SHE INS A77 Ventilation
  • SHE INS A78 Waste and Refuse Removal
  • SHE INS A79 Waste Management
  • SHE INS A80 Weekly Housekeeping
  • SHE INS A81 Yard and Outside Areas
  • SHE INS A82 Hexane Delivery Inspection
  • SHE INS A84 HSE Inspection
  • SHE REG A06 Distribution Board Register
  • SHE REG A07 Excavation Inspection Register
  • SHE REG A08 Fire Extinguisher Equipment Register
  • SHE REG A09 Fixed Ladder Equipment Register
  • SHE REG A10 Gas Welding and Cutting Equipment Register
  • SHE REG A11 Hand Tool Register
  • SHE REG A12 Ladder Inspection Register
  • SHE REG A13 Lifting Equipment Inspection Register
  • SHE REG A14 Portable Electrical Equipment Register
  • SHE REG A15 Safety Harness Register

Daily Inspections

  • SHE INS A01 Ablution (cleaning) Daily
  • SHE INS A07 Contractor Daily
  • SHE INS A22 Excavation Daily Inspection
  • SHE INS A29 Forklift Daily
  • SHE INS A30 Front loader Daily
  • SHE INS A32 General Driven Machinery Daily
  • SHE INS A41 Housekeeping Inspection Daily
  • SHE INS A57 Machine pre-use Daily
  • SHE INS A60 Motor Vehicle Daily
  • SHE INS A65 PPE Daily
  • SHE INS A66 Rep Spotters Daily
  • SHE INS A72 Contractor Daily inspection
  • SHE INS A75 TLB Daily
  • SHE INS A85 Management Inspections Daily

Weekly Inspections

  • SHE INS A05 Cleaners Equipment Weekly
  • SHE INS A34 Generator Room Weekly
  • SHE INS A76 Trestles Weekly

Monthly Inspections

  • SHE INS A06 CO2 Equipment Monthly
  • SHE INS A08 Diesel Trailer Monthly
  • SHE INS A26 Fire Fighting Equipment Monthly
  • SHE INS A27 First Aid Box Monthly
  • SHE INS A35 Guarding Monthly
  • SHE INS A36 Hand Tools Monthly
  • SHE INS A45 Kitchen and Canteen Monthly
  • SHE INS A63 Portable Electrical Equipment Monthly
  • SHE INS A67 Safety Harness Monthly
  • SHE INS A70 Scotch Trolly Monthly
  • SHE INS A83 Health and Safety monthly Inspection Report
  • SHE Rep Monthly Inspection

Quarterly Inspections

  • SHE INS A02 Air Compressor Quarterly
  • SHE INS A03 Air Conditioner Quarterly
  • SHE INS A11 Earth Leakage Quarterly
  • SHE INS A13 Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Location Quarterly
  • SHE INS A16 Emergency Lightning Quarterly
  • SHE INS A23 Explosive Power Tool Quarterly
  • SHE INS A24 Extraction System Quarterly
  • SHE INS A31 Gas Welding Cutting Equipment Quarterly
  • SHE INS A33 Generator Quarterly
  • SHE INS A43 Hydraulic Jack Quarterly
  • SHE INS A46 Ladders Portable Quarterly
  • SHE INS A49 Lifting Gear Chains Quarterly
  • SHE INS A50 Lifting Machinery Quarterly
  • SHE INS A51 Lifting Tackle Chain Block Quarterly
  • SHE INS A52 Lifting Tackle Fibre Ropes Quarterly
  • SHE INS A53 Lifting Tackle Steel Wire Ropes Quarterly
  • SHE INS A73 Stacking Quarterly

Annual Inspections

  • SHE INS A09 Earth Leakage and Polarity Annual
  • SHE INS A28 Fixed Ladder Annual

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